It’s a great time to celebrate your whole self

The end of the year offers us opportunities to celebrate. So, why not celebrate your whole self? That means recognising all your positives and achievements in all areas of your life – work and personal – and making time to celebrate your whole self!

I called my practice ‘unabridged’ because we work with the whole person, and in taking this holistic view of you, support your success. You can start this process yourself, right now. The end of a year is the perfect time to review the past, and to celebrate the present, before moving on to the future.  Recognise your strengths, notice weaker areas for improvement, resolve your challenges – and most importantly, celebrate your whole self!

Celebrating ≠ Selfish

It is not a selfish or egotistical act to celebrate your whole self – especially since it is an important part of life to connect and engage with others, as well as ourselves. Take stock, see where you are now, commit to your own path – and also, identify how you relate to those around you and how you can support other people.

The approaching new year signals that it’s time to take a few moments to review your successes and achievements in the past year. Then, you can plan for the year ahead. But first of all, it is time to celebrate your whole self!

Why you should celebrate your whole self

Minda Zetlin says we should celebrate even the small successes, rather than constantly looking to the future. She says,Constantly asking “Are we there yet?” means you’re missing all the sights along the way.’

Instead of being fixated on our destination, we should enjoy the journey, appreciate the small steps, and congratulate ourselves on achieving milestones on the route. 

Taking time to celebrate your achievements and your contributions allows you to:

  • Practise self-appreciation. In this hectic, fast-moving world, stopping, taking stock and appreciating yourself is an act of self-care.
  • Reflect upon and review your behaviour, actions and learning over the year. This gives you an opportunity to get a handle on situations, put things in perspective, focus on your positives and congratulate yourself, ready to move on.
  • Identify opportunities to explore in the future, declare your intentions and goals, and prepare for making future plans.
  • Commit to making changes in your attitude or behaviour that will, in turn, effect positive changes in your life and help you to achieve your goals.
  • Acknowledge who you are and what you’ve done – and celebrate your whole self!

Take the learning

If you struggle to identify any achievements, or you have a tendency to dwell on negatives, focus on what you have learned from your failures. Leave regret and any negative emotion behind. Instead, think about what you have learned, what you’d do differently, how you will be in future. Then, turn your attention to all the opportunities you have, or have created, and use them to chart the way forward.

However small your achievements might seem, make a note of them. Even if it’s just that you managed to retain a contract; or pay your rent; or helped a friend through a difficult time. Every small success helps to evidence that you have done a good job – whether in life or at work.

Look at your successes

Refer to my article from a previous year, on looking back. And, looking back on 2019:

  • What peak moments did you have?
  • What have you achieved in 2019?
  • Put your achievements in order of importance (and think about why).
  • Which are the key learnings you gained along the way?
  • Which is your most important achievement or accomplishment?
  • How will that help you to move into 2020?

Celebrate your achievements!

Celebrate your whole self, including big and small achievements. Give yourself credit for all of them: they all deserve celebration.

  • Which achievements will you choose to celebrate?
  • How are you going to celebrate them?

Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate your whole self and your achievements. Share this, somehow.

Some ideas:

  • Update your CV or personal statement to include them – and use the information to apply for promotion, bid for new contracts, or apply for a new job or collaboration.
  • Update your social media profile, mentioning your recent achievements.
  • Update your website to blow your own trumpet – with new achievements, photos, testimonials and other positives.
  • Tweet or message people with your achievements, and invite them to do the same, or connect with you.
  • Include them in a blog or issue a press release or industry article about what you’ve done.
  • Hold an event or throw a party to celebrate.
  • Give yourself a gift or reward to acknowledge your contributions.
  • Give awards or thank you cards to colleagues and team members – or families and friends – involved in your successes.
  • Make a display of photos, awards, letters, thank you cards, copies of articles, or certificates.

You will have other ways to appreciate yourself and celebrate your whole self. Specifically:

  • What will you do to celebrate?
  • When will you do it? Commit to a specific time, and plan.

And finally, for all you’ve done over the last year – congratulations and well done.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

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