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Rise to the Challenge

Leaders today face many different challenges as they seek to shape organisations for tomorrow. New leadership models have emerged to address these challenges, which require a different approach to thinking about effective leadership. In parallel, there is growing demand for ethical and engaging leadership that improves employee performance and well-being, as well as organisational performance. Leaders everywhere are required to generate change, inspire innovation, and instil excellence in teams and throughout the organisation.

Women working in global development face unique leadership challenges and opportunities which are varied and intersecting. Stereotypical social and gender norms, prejudice and discrimination, bias, race, ethnicity, organisational structures, process, and practices, as well as personal choice – can influence women’s access to and participation in leadership.


Women’s Leadership Coaching

– For Women Working in Global Development is a leadership coaching programme to:

  • Accelerate your career and your personal and professional development
  • Build your leadership impact and drive behavioural change
  • Lead with authenticity, power, and a deeper understanding of human behaviour and your own leadership strengths
  • Build resilience
  • Fulfil your potential
  • Maximise your personal, professional and social impact
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Coaching helps women working in global development to define an authentic leadership style based on personal and organisational values that work for them; assert themselves with confidence and credibility, and leverage strengths and resources to benefit all. The programme emphasises areas evidently challenging for (some) women – assertiveness, self-confidence, impact, self-promotion, ‘making the ask’. Together we will work on:

  • Articulating a leadership identity and building your leadership brand
  • Improving your insight and outsight
  • Identifying and promoting your accomplishments
  • Building and leveraging relationships, networks and resources
  • Delivering evidence-based and compelling ‘asks’
  • Generating and managing personal and professional change
  • Positively influencing and impacting others
What is involved?

The coaching programme takes place over a 6 – 9 month period and can be delivered in a one-to-one coaching relationship or through a combination of individual and facilitated group sessions – in person or online, within a community of women leaders.

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Download ‘Leadership Self-Reflection and Action Worksheet’. This resource includes a series of prompts to help you articulate your leadership identity and takes you through questions that can help inventory some of your key resources.