Mentoring - Grow Yourself and Others

Grow Yourself and Others

Mentoring is a relationship in which one person (mentor) supports the learning, development and progress of another person (mentee) to achieve a mentee’s goals and improve their knowledge, skills or performance. Mentoring has been shown to have multiple benefits for the mentee, the mentor and  the organisations (host or external).

Mentoring can be a powerful intervention to build skills, transfer knowledge, engage employees and improve performance. There has been a significant amount of research extolling the benefits of mentoring for women’s leadership and career development.


Mentoring helps you to develop and grow – personally and professionally; prepares you for your next role, and expands and improves your skillset, including your leadership skills. For mentors, mentoring refines your communication and mentoring skills and gives you the satisfaction of contributing to someone else’s success and giving back to the community. Mentoring helps organisations to attract, develop and retain top talent and improves the organisational culture and image.

Mentoring allows you to:

  • Increase confidence, knowledge and skills
  • Make time for personal and professional development
  • Advance your career
  • Learn how to make contacts and leverage your network
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop and/or refine your mentoring skills
  • Share experiences and give back
  • Motivate and engage your staff
  • Promote a positive organisational image

Global mentoring exchanges – matching development, private sector and academic professionals, to advance professional and social outcomes.

How it Works?

We offer both individual and organisational mentoring programmes. Through our Mentoring Exchanges programme, we work with global development organisations and/or individual global development professionals often working in resource-constrained settings, together with international executives and academics. They are matched to have mentoring conversations around professional development, leadership and management.

All our matching is personalised – carefully connecting individuals to find the right match between dedicated professionals to deliver greater value. In developing a mentoring intervention, we:

  • Work with you to define your mentoring programme
  • Liaise with your organisation to recruit mentees
  • Launch a call to mentors and develop an appropriate mentor pool
  • Process mentee and mentor applications
  • Match mentees with mentors, based on stated goals, expectations, experience and values
  • Introduce mentors and mentees
  • Orient and train mentors and mentees
  • Monitor progress throughout the duration of the mentoring experience
  • Organise a final evaluation