leadership reflection

Leadership Reflection


When was the last time you carved out some time and space to think about your leadership? And what do you want do your leadership to look like?

Leadership development experts agree that making time to  to engage in self-discovery and self-reflection is key for leadership transitions.

Self-reflection at its simplest means taking time to think, contemplate, examine and review yourself as part of increasing your self-awareness. Self-reflection in leadership means carving out time to review yourself as a leader and is critical for your leadership development. It involves examining your current level of skills, your strengths, weaknesses, behavioural patterns and how you seek to influence others. It is also about interrogating your values, goals and ambitions. All this serves to increase your self-knowledge, alignment, authenticity, and learning and growth. Self-reflection also accelerates improvement in your leadership skills and practice – and enables you to better understand others.

Here is a practical and fun exercise to get you started. Use this tool for yourself and your team as you start to contemplate what you want your leadership to look like.

A Reflection Tool


Leadership reflections

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