Being Visible at Work Workshop

Being Visible at Work is designed for women who want to increase their visibility at work  – of themselves, their teams, and their work.

Are you your company’s best-kept secret?



You work hard so your company can succeed, and you’re glad to do it. Because when the company succeeds, you know that you’ve contributed to that success.

But even though your supervisors know you do great work, you don’t seem to be advancing in your career as quickly as you would like. There are situations where others seem to get recognition that should come to you, as well.

Why do some people seem to gather accolades and promotions, while you do amazing work without getting the recognition?

It comes down to visibility and self-promotion.

Perhaps you’ve been taught that promoting yourself is bad manners or prideful. (Women often experience this!) Maybe your culture values humility over pride. Or maybe you’re simply an introvert who doesn’t like to be the center of attention.

Whatever makes visibility at work a challenge, the Being Visible at Work workshop can help you identify what holds you back and develop tailored strategies to make you and your work visible that align with who you are and how you want to lead.


Benefits of Visibility at Work


Now you know that visibility at work is important, but can it really make a significant difference in your career?

The short answer? Yes.

Visibility at work has been linked to:

  • Pay increases
  • Promotions or advancement 
  • Transitions to leadership 
  • Establishing credibility, including thought leadership

Being visible at work enables you to:

  • Be considered for opportunities
  • Stand out
  • Be remembered
  • Develop strong connections

If you want to reap all of the benefits of increasing your visibility at work, this workshop is for you!

The themes of this workshop include:


Visibility in Leadership


Visibility Takes Work


Your Personal Brand


Communicating Your Brand

The Details


This will be an interactive, highly-practical workshop where we look at why we need to be visible at work, what holds us back, how we can be visible, including developing and communicating our personal brand.

We will engage in a series of exercises that allow participants to leave with a personal visibility plan, strategies for being visible at work, and an articulation of their personal brand.

Participants will be given a visibility workbook as part of their leadership development.

Participants will also be invited to join a follow up group coaching call one month after the workshop to review progress and share experiences.

Please use the button below to email me if you’re interested in learning more about this online training. 


Palena is a wonderful coach and trainer. I significantly benefited from her leadership and guidance as a coach – a keen listener, she creates reflection, raising insight and self awareness. Very supportive, she motivated me to be a better leader, to increase my visibility despite my discomfort, and to take my career and leadership skills to the next level. I am so grateful for her workshops which are carefully designed to provide practical tips and tools, while also boosting motivation.

Vanessa Coulomb

Director of Country Programs, The Palladium Group

Palena does her workshop magic in a very smooth, confident, and stimulating way, subtly inducing self-reflection and problem-solving, providing tailored exercises into the trainings and providing useful resources, as well as distilling pertinent advice and suggestions. 

I highly recommend her workshops to explore new horizons with Palena!

Natacha Carter

Independent Expert - Conflict Prevention and Governance

Palena Neale - global development professional - women's leadership coach - capacity building expert

Hi, I’m Palena Neale

Founder and Managing Director, unabridged
Leadership Coach, Mentor, Educator

Being an educator has always been a part of my life, since the early days when I played school with my younger siblings. I made my entry into professional life as a corporate trainer, completed PhD research, and served as an OD practitioner for over 20 years in global health organizations to improve individual, team and organization performance.  

Similarly, as an ICF accredited PCC-certified coach, I have worked across the globe and in different industries with hundreds of women who find themselves stuck at a certain point/level in their career, through over-reliance on their technical skills and an under-reliance on the importance of visibility and networking. To support them, I design and deliver courses on being visible at work and networking. Here, we address the limiting beliefs blocking individuals from engaging with these strategies and identify practical strategies that align with their personality and values, to deliver greater visibility. I have had the good fortune to run these workshops both within and outside organizations. 

I also write extensively on these topics, which you can find in ForbesPsychology Today and Harvard Business Review.

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