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The essential characteristic of values-based leadership is the belief that the welfare of people is the end of leadership, and not that people are the means to a leaders goals. Frederic Labarthe

What are your core values, and how do you live them?

How do you lead from your values?

How do you lead with your values?

If any of these questions resonate with you, join us for this interactive workshop, which will introduce practical tools for identifying your core values and incorporating them into your leadership practice.

When:      14 April 2021 18:00 (CET)

What:       2-hour online course

Cost:        €75.00

If you are interested, sign up here.

Our values are what we believe to be good, right, and important and how we believe things—people, systems, institutions—ought to be. Effective leaders can use their values to form and influence organizational culture.

You will leave the workshop with:

  • Greater understanding of and insight into your core values
  • Shared reflections on the power of values to impact leadership
  • A series of tools for using your values to guide your leadership practice

Delivered by: Palena Neale, PhD, ACC, Founder and Managing Director, unabridged leadership – a leadership coaching and mentoring practice based in Paris that helps professionals use their power and potential for greater personal and social impact. She researches and teaches on topics related to women’s leadership.