unabridged leadership

Hello Everyone!

We have something to share with you. We have a new brand identity.

We have grown, so Palena Neale has become unabridged!

We have also incorporated Mentoring Exchanges into the fold.

Who we are…

We are an independent leadership coaching, mentoring and learning practice based in Paris but working globally to serve our clients with our expert team of associates, volunteers and partners.

Our new identity…

Our new identity is inspired by our unwavering commitment to our clients to help them to learn and grow – to transform themselves and the world; so they can be more, and do more – leading by example.

It is all about expressing the power and potential of individuals to lead, ‘unabridged’ – as their whole self – effecting positive and purposeful change for themselves and for others, in the work they do.

Our new brand identity reflects our bold and confident approach to working with global development professionals all around the world that is engaging, professional and safe for play and experimentation.

unabridged brandmarkOur new logo is about learning, growth, and leadership workspaces. The bold inner ‘U’ cradles the outer circle representing the client’s growth. The circle represents the human in all her potential. The star formed by the space at the centre suggests energy and the celebrated leader.

In the founder’s favourite colour, the fuchsia brandmark represents vibrancy, power and positivity, with the core brand colours in a playful palette of complementary colours.

Our brand is inviting, bold, evolving, and ready to take on new opportunities – just like our practice and our clients!

Please get in touch…

If you have not already done so – please visit us at www.unabridgedleadership.com and let us know what you think!

We hope you enjoy the new look! And please feel free to get in touch…

Contact: palena@unabridgedleadership.com

LinkedIn: Palena Neale

Twitter: @PalenaNeale