Setting Your Year Up For Success: Designing The Year You Want

Setting Your Year Up For Success: Designing The Year You Want is designed for anyone interested in bringing more intention to their personal and professional aspirations. Invest time, attention, and energy into reflecting on how you would like to be and feel, and what you would like to contribute, accomplish, and do – in the year ahead.

Do you have your plan for 2022?


Have you ever heard this joke? “What exactly is a New Year’s resolution? – It’s a ‘to do’ list for the first week of January.” 

New year – fresh start. January is a popular time for making resolutions, not only for individuals, but also for businesses.

But how effective are you in designing resolutions that keep you interested, let alone motivated? 

As we know from old, unkept resolutions – words are easy to say. But actions speak louder.

In Setting Your Year Up For Success: Designing The Year You Want, we will focus on developing relevant, meaningful goals, intentions, and habits – constructed in a plan to move you with intention and purpose, throughout the year, in all areas of your life. 

And remember: ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’ – Antoine de Saint Exupery.

Benefits of Planning


You know that planning can benefit you, but what difference can it really make?

Intentional planning can help you to:

  • Identify what is important to you
  • Increase your chances of achieving your goals
  • Identify and plan for what might stand in your way
  • Recognize your progress and successes
  • Exercise self-care by investing time and energy in what is important to you

Thoughtful attention gives you:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Greater goal accomplishment
  • Personal and task mastery 
  • Improved connection and relationships

If you would like to reap all of the benefits of intentional planning, this workshop is for you!

self-reflection in leadership

The themes of this workshop include:


Looking Back – Celebrating and Learning


A Full Life: Goals All Around


Meaning and Contribution


Your Plan


Success Contingencies

The Details


In this interactive workshop designed for setting your year up for success, you will be led through a series of exercises to inventory your successes from 2021, including important lessons to inform your goals for 2022.

You will engage in a number of self-reflection activities to identify your aspirations for the coming year in the various areas of your life, ensuring a well-rounded, comprehensive set of goals. You will also complete a planning process to concretize your goals and intentions in a comprehensive plan.

You will finish the workshop by identifying contingencies to increase your chances of success throughout the year.

Participants are provided with a unique workbook to record your observations and your plan.

Date and Time Offered:


18 January 18:00 CET

Duration: 2 Hours

Location: Online

Cost: 125 €


“Palena very much lived up to her title as Executive Coach & Facilitator. I was impressed by her diligent approach, alongside her natural warmth. Her program, focus on visibility and networking for women, was really well received and got a positive feedback from our associates.

Palena played a key role in reinvigorating our women in cloud pillar at Ingram Micro by delivering 2 workshops for our global internal audience. What I liked most about her approach was the level of rigor and authenticity she brought.  With considerable emotional intelligence, she encourage the audience to engage, participate and feedback openly which always makes for a more stimulating learning environment. The benefit to attendees was obvious from their comments on the day.

On a personal level, Palena was always highly professional, engaged and helpful. She has a charming personality.”

Kelly Cuesta
Global Internal Communications Manager
Ingram Micro Cloud

This was an excellent session, delivered with care and subtlety, so it felt more like a voyage of self-exploration – which is the mark of a skilled trainer and facilitator.

Practicing in smaller groups, working with different people for each exercise, was very valuable, entertaining and enriching at the same time, because it multiplied our sounding boards and gave us different perspectives. Being exposed to different personalities during each exercise helped me to learn where I need to improve and where my strengths lay in comparison with others. It also motivated each of us present to actively participate and rise to each challenge, providing us with greater exposure to others and closer connectivity.

It was also great to have the chance to exchange feedback and communicate directly with participants with whom I had attended previous online workshops. Hearing spontaneous, genuine and non-judgemental comments from others was extremely beneficial. It was a great learning process!

Thanks a million again for giving me this opportunity!

Natacha Carter

Independent Expert - Conflict Prevention and Governance

Palena Neale - global development professional - women's leadership coach - capacity building expert

Hi, I’m Palena Neale

Founder and Managing Director, unabridged
Leadership Coach, Mentor, Educator

I have always been passionate about personal growth and development, manifested through relentless learning. Being a student and educator has always been part of my life, since the early days of playing school, to corporate training, PhD research, and serving as an OD practitioner for over 20 years. 

As an ICF accredited PCC-certified coach, I have worked across the globe and in many different industries, with hundreds of talented professionals who are so busy ‘doing’ that little time is left for reflection and planning their career, goals, etc. To support them, I designed Setting Your Year Up For Success: Designing The Year You Want –  to beat the odds of good resolutions only lasting till January (if we’re lucky!), bringing more intention to creating the impact you desire in various areas of your life. I provide practical guidance for using intention and planning that draws on your personality and values, enabling you to purposefully design the life you want to lead. 

Bringing intention to your year is also an act of self-care – allowing you to focus and pursue what is important to you. 

Join us, as we set intentions by design – not by default. 

I also write extensively on purposeful planning, which you can find in Forbes and Harvard Business Review

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Setting Your Year Up For Success: Designing The Year You Want


I hope you can join us as we focus on Setting Your Year Up For Success!

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