How to get the Most out of Your Mentoring Experience

In your Checklists for Mentors and Mentees you will receive a summary of the key elements you want to consider as a mentor or mentee to ensure that you optimize your mentoring relationship and make the most of your mentoring experience.

Grab this resource and find out how to:


Prepare your sessions as either the mentee or mentor


Set expectations


Ask for what you need


Give each other feedback

Palena Neale - global development professional - women's leadership coach - capacity building expert
Hi, I’m Palena Neale

I am the Founder and Managing Director of unabridged – a boutique leadership development practice that partners with clients to leverage their resourcefulness to have the personal, professional and social impact they desire.

I work as a leadership coach and mentor for talented and socially-minded professionals who want live and lead with purpose, impact and value.

I design and deliver leadership development programs for organizations around the globe and run my own series of women’s leadership workshops to support women leaders have more impact and grow their leadership.

I have recently launched an online course called Network to Amplify V.A.L.U.E designed especially for women, introverts and anyone who finds the “traditional” practice of networking challenging.

I am Thought leader on Forbes Coaches Council, I have been published in Harvard Business Review, and am a frequent contributor to Psychology Today.

I hold a Ph.D in gender and international relations and am an ICF-PCC-accredited executive and leadership coach.

I am passionate about learning and development as an investment in our growth, freedom, and our ability to contribute and thrive.

I live in Paris, France with my husband.


“I had one of my most significant self-realizations in a session with Palena. If it weren’t for her incredibly thoughtful way of probing and reflecting, it would have taken me many more years to come to the same realization. Thanks to my sessions with Palena, I am able to work and live with a greater understanding of myself. This is a significant gift.”

Emily Sullivan

Senior Manager, UNFoundation/Family Planning 2030

“I really appreciated Palena’s listening skills, intuitiveness and adaptability. She demonstrates genuine kindness and empathy towards her interlocutors, mixed with useful and practical tools that promote self-reflection and realization. She places the human aspect above all and creates a safe space for expression. It was a very fruitful and enjoyable journey, the lessons of which will undoubtedly have lasting effects on my perception of my own leadership abilities and capacity to overcome difficult obstacles with strength and confidence. A very sincere thank you to Palena.”

Anne-Laure Henry-Gréard

Country Programme Manager, Bangladesh, , Better Work Programme, ILO

“Palena has a wonderful way of running leadership workshops. Attending her workshops reminded me of my personal and professional values, boosted my morale and helped me better support co-workers and clients. Importantly, her workshops are down-to-earth, fun and compassionate. Highly recommended (also for male leaders!).”

Paul L. Janssen