diriger, c’est inspirer les gens autour de soi, promouvoir l’excellence, impulser le changement et encourager l’innovation au sein de son équipe et de toute l’organisation


le coaching peut changer une vie, transformer une organisation ou une communauté


le mentorat, c’est offrir aux professionnels les moyens d’évoluer et de se développer sur les plans personnel et professionnel grâce à la formation et au partage d’expériences


la formation est au cœur de tout développement personnel et professionnel

la mission d’unabridged, c’est d’induire des changements positifs et constructifs en s’appuyant sur vos atouts et votre potentiel, c’est de vous aider à assumer votre rôle de dirigeant et atteindre vos objectifs tout en restant vous-même


Unabridged Leadership


Inspiration. Innovation. Excellence.

Unabridged Coaching


Réflexion. Expérience. Réalisation.

Unabridged Mentoring


Partage. Communication. Progression.

Unabridged Learning


Épanouissement. Développement. Réussite.


Nous travaillons avec des professionnels et organisations de développement international pour les aider à améliorer leur performance et leurs qualités de leadership, en vue d’obtenir de meilleurs résultats sur les plans personnel, organisationnel et social.

Parmi nos clients, nous comptons :

  • Des dirigeantes : des femmes à la tête d’ONG, chefs de projet, représentantes régionales, directrices de services ou de programme souhaitant renforcer leurs compétences en leadership
  • Des femmes s’apprêtant à prendre des fonctions de dirigeante et souhaitant définir leur style de leadership, apprendre à communiquer avec impact et conviction, et/ou améliorer leurs compétences en négociation
  • Des dirigeants souhaitant consolider leur savoir-être, améliorer leur style de leadership ou mieux gérer le changement
  • Des professionnels souhaitant se reconvertir dans le domaine du développement international
  • Des personnes souhaitant trouver – et vivre – leur passion
  • Des ONG engagées dans un processus de développement du leadership
  • Des ONG internationales souhaitant améliorer l’engagement de leurs employés
  • Des sociétés cherchant à définir une stratégie relative au changement
women in leadership positions

Nos clients sont des personnes de talent, sensibles aux questions sociales et très soucieuses d’apporter leur pierre à l’édifice d’un monde meilleur. Ils veulent donner plus de sens à leur métier et notre rôle, c’est de les y aider.


It was a difficult moment in my professional career where I had to leave my comfort zone and take on new challenges. Palena with her kind and prompt approach was instrumental in navigating me through my concerns, fears, understandings and enlightenments. Our exchanges consistently facilitated learning and increased awareness of what were the gaps, perceptions and positive factors as well. A set of actions were always agreed upon during the sessions and additionally she would also send me great questions to continually help me with the management of said desired changes and achievements.

Rita Badiani, Project Director, Pathfinder International

I had the privilege to be in Professor Neale’s Geopolitics & International Business class during my MBA Programme. Professor Neale is by far, one of the most dedicated teacher I have had. I was looking forward to her classes every week because she always tries to bring out the best of each and every student of her class by challenging them, providing constructive critique for them to go deeper into their analysis. As a result, we always left the class knowing that we had learned something and we were improving. She always tries to provide interactive classes so everyone feels involved and interested. She gladly shares her amazing professional knowledge with us and provides human and professional advice. She is an amazing teacher that I highly recommend, who has inspired me and who made me feel that I had made the right decision by choosing the Geopolitics concentration for my MBA.

Jessica David, MBA at the American Business School of Paris

Palena brings out the best in you! She really pushes your boundaries and supports you to find your own solutions to everyday personal or professional issues. All of what I learned during our sessions, I am currently putting into practice on a daily basis. The self-learning and reflection is immense and something I will carry with me throughout my career.
Thank you!

Yvonne Henry, Senior Programmes Manager, WomenWin

Palena’s sessions have been an eye-opener for me. Each session widens your world view and brightens the path that you see for your future. Her style of facilitation is very engaging and encourages you to think and introspect deeply.

Sankalp Jain, NGO India

Palena is an acute listener, with great warmth and empathy for her coachee. Sessions are focused, goals agreed at the outset, and gentle yet determined enquiry, challenge, humour and intuition, leads to clear actions, insight and learning. Palena helped me to hold myself accountable for my actions at all times. I learnt that trusting the process is key to the coachee achieving great results. Personally I found that pushing against self-imposed barriers can be liberating. I made progress with many of the topics that we discussed and having Palena as my thinking partner enriched the actions I took.

Wendy Russell, Managing Director, Harper Russell, Ltd

It has been a special experience and an honor to have had Pr. Palena Neale both as a professor and a mentor. As a student I had the privilege to learn not just from her extensive academic knowledge but also from her diverse and rich professional experience. As a mentor she not only thought me a lot about how to efficiently enter the professional world, but she helped me believe in myself. We all have our doubts and down moments, and she took the time to listen, understand and help me grow as a person. I sometimes felt like I was asking too much of her, but she always responded with honesty, kindness and rigor.

Pr. Neale is not just professor and a mentor to me, she’s an inspiration and am grateful.

Diane Domkam – Institutional Affairs Officer, Engie, France

I learnt that coaching is a helpful approach and can lead to self realization and positive thinking. I started understanding art of coaching and a distinct coaching style from Palena. She is wonderful person and I was very comfortable communicating with her even though we never knew each other before or ever met in person. The video calls helped and I realized distance does not matter if you have the right intention.

Shaonli Shaonli Chakraborty, Assistant Director, Swasti Health Catalyst

un travail d’équipe

Comment s’articule notre collaboration ?

Inscrivez-vous gratuitement à notre réunion de découverte pour connaître nos offres.

  • Coaching pour dirigeants et entreprises
  • Coaching en leadership pour les femmes travaillant dans le domaine du développement international
  • Programmes de mentorat
  • Formations
  • Services de conseil

En tant que coach accompagnant des dirigeants, j’adhère au code de conduite des coachs du Barefoot Coaching Ltd. et au code de conduite de l’ICF.

Toutes les prestations de conseil, coaching, mentorat et formation sont élaborées de manière personnalisée et conçues pour répondre à vos besoins précis. Pour certaines missions, il m’arrive de former une équipe d’experts en m’associant à d’autres coachs professionnels.

Où ?

Nous travaillons en face à face dans vos bureaux, si vous êtes en région parisienne, ou bien sur Skype. Je peux aussi me déplacer, sous réserve d’un arrangement préalable.

Women having a coaching conversation - women leaders in global development

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