6 - Client Communications clientComm internal structure The client communications module provides a very basic and simple interface for the Sports Score client application to use. should be driving *more* use of specifications as a communications tool. If the data retrieved OK the use this data as the input of the parse subroutine. Such properties include; server port, maximum number of clients, debug mode, data server, and sports score data fetch time. Left navigation control: return to home page, Title bar: current screen or operation name, Facade Application showing screen and with temporary transitions and example images/text, Communication Protocol: application connects to network/server, Alpha Application (with full functionality). Uses/Interactions This class is referenced by the UI_Response_Formulator::getResponses() routine. The alternative, coding each dialog separately, would greatly expand the code, would most likely duplicate much of the common functionality several times, and would require generating grammars by hand. Input: None Output: None Responsibilities This routine opens a file which was created by the Webviking and read the infon line by line as well as concurrently update the database. Processing See individual methods. Grammars are used by the Microsoft SAPI voice-recognition interface to determine what the user is expected to say. PAGEREF SubSysArchitectSSDBI \h 8 Server Component………………………………………………………………………… PAGEREF SubSysArchitectServer \h 9 Server Communications…………………………………………………………………. Disabling it will make it invisible to the system. Resources This class requires the existence of the dialog database and of the classes referred to in the Uses and Interactions section. Information & Training. What can you tell about the inclusion of an approval section (with places for putting signatures) in a specification? Format of the file scores.txt: Date (e.g. Your document should follow the template below. A table will be created to store prompt text entries. There may be several levels of help text for any help menu; the actual help text read to the user depends on the current user level. The perceived need to produce specification docs has declined over time as many developers and teams now believe that using agile methods removes the need. Processing This method will open a serverCommThread which will spin on a port listening for client connection requests. Commands are the legal responses the user may make at any given prompt. If the server is not listening on a port, this returns 0. boolean newClient( Socket clientSocket ) Classification Method Definition This method is responsible for starting a new serverClientThread to maintain the newly connected client. 8.9.2. Method SSDB( boolean bDebug, SSDB ssdbLoc ) Purpose Constructor for the serverGUI object. This design document is per Sports Score System Specification version 3.0. The DI will use these files as its input. When the user has completed a set of prompts, the routine will send a query to the server and read the response to the user. Uses/Interactions This interface is implemented by UI_Dialog_Component, UI_Prompt, UI_Script, and UI_Script_Step. There will be 3 files, scores.txt, standing.txt, and schedule.txt. strTeam2 – Name of the other team in the game. Above all, keep in touch. Break; case uiStartOver: Flag last action as uiStartOver. As mentioned previously, the SRS serves as the parent document to subsequent documents, such as the software design specification and statement of work. Resources This class will utilize the dialog database in determining what test to run and what text to read for that test. This provides maximal flexibility for other potential uses for the client application. Begin reading the text to the user. Please note that many parts of the document may be extracted automatically from other sources and/or may be contained in other, smaller documents. It contains both the text the user is allowed to say and information about what is to occur when the command is said. SRS introduction example: “The objective of this project development is to design and develop an e-commerce application for the online store selling kids wear”. î 2 Present the questionnaire. This was a very insightful and to the point read. Interface/Exports private UI_Dialogs Dialog_List; UI_Prompt(Recordset RSTable, int ID, UI_Dialogs); // Just load up the appropriate entry in the appropriate table. Each command will contain a logical flag that will indicate whether this command is to be enumerated during help. Vague assumptions and many false concepts have been vanished after reading this one. The parameters received from the server will not necessarily be identical, but they must follow the same format. Chris has over 30 years of experience in software development and architecture in a wide variety of operating systems, languages, and development environments. And now you’re working with clients who are not in the software business; they’re in another business that needs a piece of software, and they don’t have a clear and precise vision of what they want from you. The Detailed Design Specification (DDS) describes how the hardware and software functionality identified in the Functional Specification will be developed and implemented. private Boolean Has_Been_Built; //Whether or not the grammar has been built yet. | Software Validation. Check if we get the right data. The administrator also has the ability to start and stop the communications service on the fly. As a litmus test for your communication, try and ensure that you and your client give the same answers to these three questions: SDD stands for software design document or software design description. This will cause the response nodes to be filled up with the appropriate information. Software Design Specification Example Statement of Goals. Boolean getMatch(Parameter_Parser ppClient, Parameter_Parser ppServer); String getResponse(); // Just returns the Response variable. Method write( strOutput ) Purpose Parameters Exceptions Thrown ServerMIAException This exception is thrown in the case that more time has ellapsed than acceptable, or the sports score server has not responded to a PING. Return value true if the database update was successful, else false. The user interface infrastructure is quite complex, requiring the use of recursion in building grammars, putting together dialogs, etc. Parameters bDebug – boolean indicating if the application has been started with debug on. return value – None Method String clientInfoRequest( String strClientRequest ) Purpose Method to provide a client the requested information from the server in a readable fashion. It will be sent to the server as part of the query string. Uses/Interactions No external components refer to User_Interface::main() directly. Thank you Chris. private void getScoreForATeam(String team) Classification Method Definition Name: getScoreForATeam Input: a string Output: a string to xmlServer Responsibilities This routine will query the database to get the score for a given team according to today( Y:MM:DD) Constraints None. Provides an interface to output logging information. Close file Parse data from the ESPN site: we’ll do the same as we do to get data from the MLB site. When a user visits the prompt and a value is returned, this is the parameter the value will be associated with. Also adds the newly created serverClientThread to a vector for access to all client threads. This can be exhaustive and tedious work, but you won’t regret it—it can save you from re-writing huge amounts of code and re-creating interfaces due to a minor misunderstanding with major implications. The motivation behind only enumerating some of the commands is so that different pronunciations or representations of the commands can be entered without the computer reading all of the synonymous options to the user during help. Usually the functional specification format can take many forms depending on your approach or business analyses practices. Constraints None Uses/Interactions This class will be used to by the server Resources This class will utilize the sport score database. Constraints The UI_Tester is only instantiated when the system is in test mode (see the User_Interface::main() routine). PAGEREF DetailedSystemDesignServerComm \h 22 Client Communications………………………………………………………………….. PAGEREF DetailedSystemDesignClientComm \h 23 Client Component………………………………………………………………………... PAGEREF DetailedSystemDesignClientComponent \h 24 Dialog Database………………………………………………………………………… PAGEREF DetailedSystemDesignDialogDatabase \h 24 Dialog Generation Utility………………………………………………………………… Detailed SubSystem Design……………………………………………………………... PAGEREF DetailedSubsystemDesign \h 24 Web Viking……………………………………………………………………………… PAGEREF DetailedSubSystemDesignWebViking \h 24 SSDB (Sports Score Database) Interface……………………………………………….. PAGEREF DetailedSubSystemDesignSSDBI \h 27 Server Component……………………………………………………………………….. PAGEREF DetailedSubSystemDesignServerComponent \h 27 Server Communications…………………………………………………………………. I really need to be able to set standards and tell them how things should work by default. Within the Software Without this document, you’ll end up in a loop of acrimonious equivocation, clients disputing what they told you or what you told them, angrily sending cut-and-pastes of previous communications, interpreting and arguing until the time comes when the client demands that you make changes to bring the application into conformance with “what they actually asked for,” and expects you to make those changes without pay. Method read( ) Purpose This method is designed to retrieve data sent to the sports score client from the sports score server. Most projects are applications, not libraries or frameworks. Constraints None Uses/Interactions Calling this method will terminate a TCP connection between the client and server. We use Microsoft Teams for most communications and a wiki that we lie to ourselves and say that "we use it." else { Load the grammar property from the appropriate field in the table. } Responsibilities This method is responsible for removing packetizing characters encapsulating the user data from the server. description of the product. ĞÏࡱá > şÿ / 1 şÿÿÿ & ' ( ) * + , - . For each league find the top three teams For each team find the number of win and lost To find the lines contain this information, study the html file that we retrieved, Find the patterns to search. A high-level design document (HLDD) describes the architecture used in the development of a particular software product. strComment – String indicating any commentary of the game. public String Assignment_String; // The string that will be used added to the query string from //this element. iRecord is an integer indicating the occurrence within the string to use. It is used to initialize the response formulator class. private public void getScheduleForATeam(String team) Classification Method Definition Name: getScheduleForATeam Input: a string Output: a string Responsibilities This routine will. Thank you! Constraints None. For each game find the lines contain information about the first team name, the number of runs, homes, errors of the first team. Uses/Interactions Will be called by the member method getUserInfoRequest(String) Resources Require the input string and the database to do the query Processing private void getScheduleForLeague(String division) { query the database return the result string to the server } Interface/Exports None. Otherwise, write to the error file. Processing The routine must perform the following steps: { Compare the user results to the expected user results for the test If (results match) { Log the information in a debug file Log whether or not the server returned the right results in the debug file For each test prompt in the dialog database { .present() log results in debug file } Move to next record If eof() User_quit = true } else { If the user wants to try again { don’t do anything—leave record pointer the same. } Constraints The expected server port must be connected before this is called. This log is written out to file in the event that the server unexpectedly terminates. Each script step will contain a reference to the script to which it belongs. Each prompt will store a parameter with which it is associated. If the user is not in testing mode, the routine will act in the same manner, only it will allow the user to perform any allowable task until the user decides to exit the system. Responsibilities None. It will also need to provide a simple method for accessing the variables, by name, to determine whether they are valid or invalid, and if they are valid, what their value is. Responsibilities Each help level simply contains the text to be read, the user level at which to read it, the maximum number of visits before the next prompt text is reached, etc. mobiles, software concurrency, cryptography and threat analysis, and data modeling. Each test case will contain the text to be read to the user if he or she does not meet the objective. so that it does not effect the app. Combine these data together with the ‘|’ in between. SOFTWARE DESIGN SPECIFICATION (SDS) PUBLISH-SUBSCRIBE NOTIFICATION FOR WEB SERVICES (PSN-WS) … Read More Uses/Interactions This method will be used from a UI_Dialog_Component or any subclasses from the Present() routine. More specifically, it must read information from the database defining the interface to be presented to the human user. Optionally the log can be displayed in any Object. [ citation needed ] The software requirements specification lays out functional and non-functional requirements , and it may include a set of use cases that describe user interactions that the software must provide to the user for perfect interaction. Constraints The dialog database must exist in a well-known place (to be passed by the main program). The server properties sub-component is used to store the properties and state of the server that must be maintained when the server is terminated. The movement is 55mm x 55mm x 15mm, so … Parameters dteGameDate – Date indicating the game’s date. It contains information that is necessary for proper handling of the sub-structures. Responsibilities This routine will accept the client and server-side communications and will create a response based upon the parameters within them and the response nodes set up. Responsibilities This class is responsible for representing a script step that will be presented to the user. If your client supplies you with graphics, make sure that they are correctly sized with the proper aspect ratios; morphing any bitmap that has text or objects (like circles) will introduce distortions. It must be able to build a grammar of acceptable commands for itself. cmdScriptThenReturn //Call a script, but at the conclusion of the script, rerun this script. Compare next script step dependencies to this.arDependencies, adding any dependencies that exist in the next step and not this one. Please I need your assistance as an experienced engineer. Of course, this template should be adjusted as-needed. It implements the UI_Presentable interface and also makes reference to a UI_Dialogs object. No - Don't do that. This would make compilation of the client and server applications trivial. void getStanding(String) Classification Method Definition This is the getStanding routine. We recently started doing InVision mockups to give our demos more smoothness. The database structure is tightly coupled to the infrastructure and thus needs to be defined in order to build a meaningful control flow. This will be used along with the system user level to determine which prompt level the user hears. private String Params[?,2] // The list of parameters parsed and their associated values. Thank you! 8.3.3. Uses/Interactions This method will be used from a UI_Dialog_Component. Uses/Interactions This class is referenced by User_Interface and uses UI_Prompt, UI_Script, UI_Script_Step, and UI_Dialog_Component. But where the other transitions were linear, this last one was exponential. ñ ` ¶ m Ê ( € Ø 4 Resources None. There are (as of writing) three sizes of iPhone screens. UP Template Version: 12/31/07 Note to the Author [This document is a template of a Product Design Specification document for a project. User LevelLong Integer The user level at which this text is read Hits Before EscalationLong Integer The number of times a user can visit this prompt before they should move to the next text level TextStringMemoThe text to be read to the user     Response ComponentKeyLong Integer Unique Identifier (primary key) Response IDLong Integer The response definition to which this component belongs OrderLong Integer The order in which this part of the response is read (low to high) TextString255The text to be read or the variable to be input Is VariableBoolean Yes if this is a variable name, no if it is literal text to be read. Responsibilities This class is responsible for representing a script that will be presented to the user. Software Requirements Specification, UUIS Page ii Members of Team1: Name Email Abirami Sankaran a_sankar@encs.concordia.ca Andriy Samsonyuk a_samso @encs.concordia.ca Maab Attar m_att@encs public int Call_ID; //The ID of the dialog component to call if //applicable. That works. Since this is a high-level document, non-technical language is often used. UI_Dialogs Classification Class Definition This consists of an array of UI_Dialog_Components. It is used by the User_Interface class. Input: a file name (string) Output: None Responsibilities This routine opens a file which was created by the Webviking (standing.txt) and read in the win and looses score and the team associated with that score then insert into the standing table of the database. Processing See individual methods. Its job is simply to return the text and accumulate the number of times it is visited successively. 8.3.1. Uses/Interactions This method will be used from a UI_Dialog_Component or any subclasses from the Present() routine. And to make the app in phases how to divide the functionality in phases. Resources None. Processing See subclasses UI_Prompt, UI_Script, and UI_Script_Step. public UI_Dialog_Component arDependencies[]; // An array containing components that the //current component is dependent upon (and // thus need to be included in the grammar) public Int Build_Grammar(Boolean DBNeedsRefreshing) public String Variable_Name; // When a value is returned, the name of the variable to be //assigned a value. No portion of the client application is implementation dependent (excluding dialog database access). After having gone through hundreds of This design document has an accompanying specification document and test document. 0J 6�]� �j4 5�U\��j£ 5�U\��j 5�U\��j… 5�U\��jú 5�U\��j{ 5�U\�5�\� 5�\�mH nH uj 5�U\��j 5�U\� 4X ­ J ¦ r Ô 7 � ÿ 2 3 ’ ï Z  ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù ù Æ ² ³ ´ µ ñ ò E F h i j k l � � Ä Å Æ È É û ü " # $ & ' W X z { | ~  ­ ® Ò Ó Ô Ö × Methods serverComm( boolean bDebug ) Purpose – Constructor for the serverComm object. The objective of the software design specification (SDS) is to ensure that the final outputted software product meets the requirements of the end customer, i.e. Uses/Interactions This class is referenced by the UI_Response_Node::getMatch() routine. Each script step will contain information indicating where in script sequence this step occurs. Its job is simply to return the text and accumulate the number of times it is visited successively. You will get a very general idea of what the software is supposed to do, look like, and flow. public void Refresh_Dialogs(String DBLocation) public UI_Prompt First_Prompt(); // Return the first prompt to be read by the system. ” Resources This method will utilize the debug file used in all other debug actions. Constraints None Uses/Interactions Resources This class will consume a TCP port for each client. The programs (schedule.pl, scores.pl, and standing.pl) should be executed right before midnight to ensure the stable format of the web site. Each command will contain a code to indicate the action to take when the computer recognizes the command. If they did or they do not want to try again, it will read some debug questions to the user regarding the task’s usability and log the results. Uses/Interactions Is private, will be called by member methods of SSDB class Resources Require function today(); Processing private int yesterday(){ call today() function minus 1 return the date } Interface/Exports None. Each UI_Dialog_Component will possess a list of available commands. 8.8.2. A user could then request sports information, or any other type of information, from anywhere in the world at any time. UI_Response_Node Classification Class Definition This is a class that contains a single response scenario and the response format to use if it matches. Processing All processing will take place through the main() method of this class. Uses/Interactions This method will be called from the User_Interface::Main() method. UI_Prompt::Build_Grammar(Boolean DBNeedsRefreshing) Classification Method Definition This method is used to build a grammar for a particular prompt. 1.1 Purpose This subsection should explain the purpose of the SDD ı ı û ı ı ù ù ı ı ı ë ë ı ı İ İ İ İ İ ı ı İ İ İ Return value String formatted for the text-to-speech synthesizer to read to the client. (CF2.4.2) Each help text entry will contain information to reflect whether or not the help is available globally. else { Log the information in a debug file For each test prompt in the dialog database { .present() log results in debug file } Move to next record If eof() User_quit = true } } } Interface/Exports None. So, we’ll have more chance getting the correct data. The client machine will have the necessary databases setup through ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity). 8.13. The Hardware DDS is a description of the hardware on which the software resides and how it is to be connected to any existing system or equipment. Uses/Interactions Will be called by the server Resources Require a text file to read and a database to update or store info Processing void update() { getSchedule(“schedule.txt”); getScore(“score.txt”); getStanding(“standing.txt”); } Interface/Exports None. Do you write all documents or typically focus on certain ones? Resources None. Constraints The name of the debug file must be known and it must be able to be opened for write access. ğ Scripts are series of prompts that are executed in succession. Uses/Interactions Calling this method attempts to send a line (CR terminated) of data to the sports score server. Record the grammar in the grammar field of the table. } The server application’s major design considerations include easy sports score data retrieval, easy database updates, multiple client support, and a minimal set of administrative features. string UserInfoRequest (string) Classification Method Definition Name: clientInfoRequest Input: string Output: string Responsibilities This routine will accept the input string as a paremeter, then it will parse the string into apropriate format.

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