I was out of cell coverage at the time so I didn't get the message until later. My Mac at home, which is always online, receives all iMessages near instantly so EVERY TIME someone sends me a message it will instantly say Delivered. Last night I sent one at 8pm and it came up as delivered but it is now 11am and he still has not read it? Guys, Lately I have been finding that some of the people who have "Read Receipts" turned on in iMessage are actually, getting my messages and reading them, but somehow the "Read" notification isn't triggered until much later. You can't for sure know if you're blocked, however if you are texting another person who uses imessage and the message turns green, it can mean you are blocked, the person's phone is off or they don't have cell reception. This means that the message was successfully delivered to your recipient’s phone. I sent a message to one of my friends who I regularly text. In order to turn this on, head over to Settings -> Messages -> Send as SMS and tap on the toggle. Some peeps have there's said to "read" n others don't but "delivered" is blocked if never shows up. Still, some of the users might face various kinds of issues like the one iMessage doesn’t say delivered or iMessage not delivered, iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message, YouTube not working on iPad / iPhone & iPhone won’t send picture messages, even how to reset iPhone X. No one is texting straight thru 2 hours or on the phone more than 2 hours. The recipient has opened (presumably read) your message. iPhone users generally seem to be in tandem with the iMessage tricks. To send an SMS message, you need cellular network connection.If you turn on Wi-Fi Calling, you can send SMS messages over Wi-Fi. If the iMessages have been sent to the receivers but they have not read them, the Delivered sign will be shown under the iMessages. And I know personally that if I get text while on phone it still says delivered. As the default setting of the Send Read Receipts is ON, so you usually can see a Read word under the iMessage you sent once the receiver read it. Restart your device: iPhone; iPad; iPod touch; Check your network connection. Also Read: iPhone Could Not Be Activated Because The Activation Information Could Not Be Obtained From The Device What Does It Mean When iMessage Doesn’t Say Delivered. How to Toggle Read Receipts on an iPhone. The simple meaning of iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered” is that the iMessage has not yet been delivered to the person whom you are sending due to some reasons. U can call n won't go straight vm but iMessage/text message will always confirm delivery Then last night, I went to text them - it was a few pictures and some text. A lot of iPhone users elect not to send read receipts, as they would prefer that others don’t know if or when they have read an iMessage or text message. Hi, I've been texting this guy for two weeks now, and he always replies and reads my iMessages without fail. However, this assumes that the recipient has read receipts enabled, which they may not. This read message will appear only if the recipient has his or her read receipts turned on. It's been a few weeks, and I hadn't texted this person. When you disable read receipts, people who send you iMessages will still see a status when a message has been successfully delivered, but they will no longer see that you have read the message. If you see a 'delivered' on imessage (blue), you are not blocked. No, I had not gotten their message. There are two gray/blue status messages that will appear under each iMessage you send: Delivered. Read. (for those who don't know, iMessage tells you when they have read it!) However, this feature is not enabled by default on your device. To send a message as iMessage or MMS, you need a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. This reduces the occurrence of “Not Delivered” errors. The stock Messages app can automatically send a text message as SMS, whenever iMessage is unavailable.

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