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Heart in left anterior quarter of pallial complex, with ventricle directed posteriorly and to the right; aortic stem short. Sofia, Bulgaria: Pensoft, 312 pp. (Studie zur Gastropodenfauna der westkarpatischen Kalk- und Karstschluchten.) Meet Chromodoris reticulata, a type of sea slug, that has to reckon with a scary reality: sex means saying goodbye to their penis. Willingham explains that this violent process has caused bedbugs to evolve “something very vagina-like where they tend to get stabbed.” This special less-armored area of their abdomen might minimize harm as the male injects his sperm into the female’s circulatory system. Malacologia, 18:123-131. Report to the Wisconsin Council on Invasive Species, Species Assessment Group. Testacea Atlantica or the land and freshwater shells of the Azores, Madeiras, Salvages, Canaries, Cape Verdes, and Saint Helena. Ingram WM, 1949. Just ask Emily Willingham, a biologist and journalist who’s been studying penises for over a decade. (Rhyncosinapis cheiranthos (Vill.) 8 pp. In human inhabited areas they have been known to eat food left out for pets. Cowie RH, 2001. Brard CP, 1815. II. Parks Canada Agency, 2009; Oregon Forestsnail Recovery Team, 2012), but the risk may be overstated in the absence of sympatry and competition for food and shelter. Spratt DM, 2015. Tentacles uniformly vinous brown. A large number of natural enemies of terrestrial gastropods are known, with a voluminous, albeit widely dispersed and often specialized, literature. Likharev IM; Wiktor A, 1980. Such searches can be augmented by trapping methods, typically boards, tiles or wet jute sacks laid on the ground and inspected regularly for presence of slugs sheltering underneath. (Die Nacktschnecken der portugiesisch-azorischen Fauna.) McCrone EJ; Minnen Jvan; Sokolove PG, 1981. 12 pp. Revised checklist of the terrestrial gastropods of New Jersey (Mollusca: Gastropoda). L. maximus is common in subterranean shelters, such as cellars, military bunkers, abandoned mine shafts, municipal conduits, etc. (Notice sur l'histoire naturelle des Açores suivie d'une description des mollusques terrestres de cet archipel)., 216 pp. 182 pp. Dakkak A, Ouhelli H, 1988. Towards a new standard in slug species descriptions: the case of Limax sarnensis Heim & Nitz n. sp. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 57(4):846-855. 29 pp. Open air biotopes. Hawaii Journal of Medicine and Public Health, 72(6, Suppl. Rollo CD; Wellington WG, 1977. St Petersburg, Russia: Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissenschaften. Ferdushy T, Kapel C M O, Webster P, Al-Sabi M N S, Grønvold J, 2009. Zoogeographica, 4(2):127-186. On the naturalised forms of land and freshwater Mollusca in Australia. Inventario cítico, citas y mapas de distribución (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, terrestrial nuda)). The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. However, earlier collected specimens are represented in museum collections (e.g. Checklist of the molluscs (Mollusca) of the Slovak Republic. Introduced Mollusca. Gone with the wind - a review on basidiospores of lamellate agarics. There is also developing interest in possible ecosystem consequences of L. maximus [and other adventive slugs] in forests of North America. Prices and download plans . by Hyman, I.]. Autotomy in the Mollusca. Alexander RC, 1947. In: Naturkundliche Forschung im Fürstentum Liechtenstein, 9 1-74. Report on the invertebrates of Massachusetts, second edition. This is most prevalent in small bodied species, or eggs and juveniles of larger species. Species of Angiostrongylus (Nematoda: Metastrongyloidea) in wildlife: a review. A guide to invasive and native fauna of California. Final Report prepared for United States Department of Interior, U.S Geological Survey. > 10°C, coldest month < 0°C, dry summers), Continental climate with dry winter (Warm average temp. Boletín AMICI, Sociedad Malacológica de Chile, 13(8):14-17. The slugs (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) of Oklahoma and Kansas with new records. There are relatively few estimates of population densities of L. maximus in natural and modified habitats alike. 5), 18 338-345. In: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 86 (5) 846-849. Sokolove PG; Beiswanger CM; Prior DJ; Gelperin A, 1977. Histoire naturelle des mollusques terrestres et fluviatiles de France. 29 pp. Colored illustrations of the land snails of Japan. Langlois TH, 1965. Slug control in British Columbia. Silva Castro Je da, 1873. (Nacktschneckenstudien in den Sudalpen.) There have been no quantitative studies that determine the relative contributions of L. maximus to plant losses occurring in gardens due to slugs. Go¨teborgs Kungliga Vetenskaps- och Vitterhets-Samha¨lles Handlingar ser. 2010), Protected agriculture (e.g. Catalog of introduced molluscs of eastern North America (North of Mexico). Ludwig A; Reise H; Hutchinson JMC, 2015. [English title not available]. In an experimental situation, Frömming (1954) found that L. maximus accepted over two-thirds of offered ornamental plants and 7 of 16 lichens. Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft, 30:1-92. Letelier S; Ramos AM, 2005. Recovery plans for several endangered land snails include competition and predation by L. maximus as a potential threatening process (e.g. Latchford FR, 1904. L. maximus will also graze biofilms on rocks, logs and tree trunks, and in buildings, the moist, mouldy wall and floor coverings. Nonetheless, to date, there are no documented cases of L. maximus functioning as an ecosystem engineer, where the species effects ecosystem-level changes. [English title not available]. Synopses of the British fauna. Recovery Plan for Oahu Plants. Although not yet confirmed, L. maximus is probably included among intermediate hosts. Slosarski A, 1877. Observations on the pairing of Limax maximus. Fischer W, 2003. Mexican mollusks collected for Dr. Bryant Walker in 1926, II. (En eksperimentell studie av territorial- og predasjonsadferd hos stor kjølsnegl Limax maximus.) Land snails of British Columbia. Espècies nouvelle sou peu connues.) ], Joe SM; Daehler CC, 2008. Wayne NL, 2001. (Moluscos brasileiros de interesse medico e econômico)., São Paulo, Brazil: Ed Hucintec, Fapesp. Hamburg und Berlin, Germany: Verlag Paul Parey. The regulation of activity in populations of the terrestrial slug, Limax maximus (Gastropoda, Limacidae). Limax maximus (great grey or leopard slug); adult, extended. thesis.]. Kew HW, 1901. Vas deferens thin, opening at apex of phallus adjacent to insertion of retractor muscle. Stalažs A; Pilate D; Dreijers E, 2014. 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