Here's a guide on restarting your KDE Plasma 4 and KDE Plasma 5 Desktop without rebooting the whole PC. Launch the konsole using the keyboard keys Alt+F2 and type the command below: The KDE Plasma desktop is killed. That causes me following problems: External … The second command restarts it. Ask to third party applications and framework to support it too, it's not something Plasma-specific, it's how they would provide session restoring in Wayland DEs like GNOME Resolution. In KDE Plasma Shell 5.10+, the command to restart the Plasma Shell is: kstart5 plasmashell. Here’s how you can do this using the kquitapp5 command: Now you don’t really need to know this, but if you’re using Linux you’re probably enjoying the learning experience. We shall discuss each one of them in detail. I've tried posting this question in the KDE forums but got no answers. Removing KDE Plasma. To do so, edit your shell configuration file such as.bashrc and add the following: alias restartplasma='kquitapp5 plasmashell && kstart5 plasmashell' Now, you should be able to restart the plasma desktop using the restartplasma command alias instead of having to remember and type out the entire command. Below are the steps I took to clean up: cd ~/ rm -rf .kde rm -rf .cache/plasmashell* If your KDE Plasma environment is hanging or freezing you don’t necessarily have to logout and login. However, as with all the UFO protocols, the most daring step is making the first contact. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 6 months ago. killall plasma-desktop kstart plasma-desktop. We’ve covered all of that below. To know your version of KDE Plasma desktop, run the command below in your konsole. To display the changes and updates made on your operating system instantly. Learn how your comment data is processed. If, however, you don’t have Gnome installed, drop to a terminal screen before you login and delete the files and folders of anything related to KDE. Now, not everyone is a GNOME fan and several readers requested that we show them how to configure the KDE desktop on Arch Linux. Re-starting Kwin on KDE Plasma 5, must be re-started directly through Krunner. The issue lies with the Plasma desktop and thus restarting it fixes the sluggishness too. KDE's software runs on GNU/Linux, BSD and other operating systems, including Windows. Viewed 5k times 1. However, there is a quick way to shutdown and restart the Plasma Shell that will bring everything back up. The problem of sluggishness is therefore solved without killing all the running applications. Then simply issue the necessary command to restart plasma shell. The first command kills the current desktop. Kubuntu is the KDE version of the Ubuntu by default. The “DISPLAYMANAGER” in the /etc/sysconfig/desktop file is used to specify the default display manager. It’s great to learn things. Active 3 years, 4 months ago. Top 5 Linux PC Desktops You Can Buy in 2020, Top 5 Linux Server Malware and Rootkits Scanners, How to Cast Media from Ubuntu to Chromecast, 3 Best Ways to Uninstall Software on Ubuntu. KDE Plasma: Application Menu has no shutdown or restart button Hello, for the past month or so, the restart, shutdown, and sleep buttons will not show up in the KDE application menu. Sluggishness of your PC often happens when your machine stays on for a long time. Not to mention it also supports themes and icon packs like most other desktop environments. The problem is that in fact, on a normal Linux installation this would probably be a good choice, on WSL it’s just bad. Restarting the KDE desktop is easy in such situations. 2. Active 3 years, 4 months ago. 2. Once the Plasma shell is … Here's a guide on restarting your KDE Plasma 4 and KDE Plasma 5 Desktop without rebooting the whole PC. Our version is 5.18.5, as displayed in the above output. The solution might be to reset KDE settings while in `chroot`, or some other way to select a new Plasma theme through command line. This is made possible due to KDE Plasma being a modular desktop. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How To Install KDE Plasma 5 On Debian/Ubuntu 20.04: Before installing the KDE Plasma on Debian, We have to update and upgrade the system packages using the below commands. That can come in hand, especially when using your PC as a dedicated computer, a server, or you do not wish to terminate the running processes as configurations can be affected. A complete guide on restarting your KDE Plasma 4 and KDE Plasma 5 Desktop without rebooting the whole PC. If you just need to restart your … This article will describe installing KDE desktop environment and XRDP, and connecting to KDE desktop environment via XRDP. KDE is an international and diverse technology team creating user-friendly free and open source software for desktop and portable computing. However, there is a quick way to shutdown and restart the Plasma Shell that will bring everything back up. How I installed the KDE Plasma desktop in Ubuntu Linux 18.04. Free additional gift. Then we will start KDE when we run startx from console. If you are using KDE 4.x or Kubuntu 14.04, try: plasma-desktop sudo mv panel-restart /usr/bin/ Close the terminal window. Furthermore, there are also a couple of ways to restart the Plasma Shell in KDE5. Need to restart Graphical Session Need to restart KDE Need to restart GNOME Need to restart X. The killall command kills the desktop while kstart, as you can guess, starts it again. To avoid interference with your current open and running work. It was working 100% of time, every restart. It’s the most customizable desktop environment I’ve ever used, and possibly the most customizable there is. In KDE Plasma Shell 5.10+, the command to restart the Plasma Shell is: kstart5 plasmashell. Restart KDE without reboot. Type the command below to restart your system: Sometimes the kstart5 command may not run in KDE Plasma 5 desktop, so that you will opt for kstart in place of kstart5 to restart your system: KDE Plasma desktop being d-bus enabled, the name of the application that runs the Plasma desktop can be provided to kquitapp5 to terminate it. Rebooting will kill all the open and running processes. Now we have already covered some of the best Linux-based laptops that you can find in the market as of now. You won’t need to do this often, I’ve barely faced this once and I’ve been using KDE for more than a couple of months. 4. Once in a blue moon they will be there again, and I don't know what is causing this. If you’ve installed the GUI on a server and realized that it was a terrible mistake, don’t worry! Launch shell using the keyboard keys Alt+F2 and type the command below just like the other KDE versions but with a different process: The KDE Plasma 5 Desktop is killed/ stopped. Restart the window manager with a command. Konsole is the KDE default name for the Terminal, as seen in other Desktop environments. KDialog issue - Needs more info. To restart, you will need to use a couple of commands in a Terminal. The procedure for restarting the KDE Plasma desktop differs depending on which version of the desktop you are running. Apart from the inbuilt download manager wget on Fedora, just as on any distribution that is based on GNU/Linux package, there are more options to explore. Copy and paste the following two commands in the Konsole one by one and hit enter after each. Restarting the KDE desktop is easy in such situations. 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In our project we have a requirement where the application needs the kde related config files to be updated and windows settings done with these kde config files like kwinrc, kwinrulesrc , plasma-desktoprc should reflect the changes without reboot.

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