Cocktails from Hell is a tour de force that examines five of the wars which will be most influential globally, and the smorgasbord of actors and factors coming together which make them so complex. What often is forgotten are the individuals at the heart of these protests, the men and women whose daily lives are at the forefront of why they choose to demonstrate on the street. With the departure of the ever-resistant UK, Brussels is likely to continue towards building a more integrated European Army in 2020. This book is recommended reading for anyone wanting to understand how terrorists think and act or how America hunts those terrorists down. After a turbulent year of geopolitical shifts, massive social unrest and unprecedented wildfires, the governments of South America – especially those in Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Santiago and La Paz – will be anticipating continued challenges in the months ahead. The result is a book that is not just a fascinating guide to understanding Chinese policy but a worthy read on the subject of strategy itself. Nine key geopolitical forces will shape global politics in the 2020s: 1. This book discusses Central Asia not as a realm separate from the globalisation and progress of the 21st century, but as one where globalisation has planted its flag most strongly, and is beginning to antagonise the latent forces of radical Islam. 2020 Location Event; November: November 21-22: G20, Saudi Arabia: G20 meeting: December: December 10: Euro area: European Central Bank meeting* December 16: U.S. Federal Reserve meeting: December 31: Europe: German EU presidency ends: The following is a report summarizing an event on the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan, featuring: Aaron Stein, Director of Research at the Foreign Policy Research Institute; Maia Otarashvili, Deputy Director of the Eurasia Program at the Foreign Policy Research Institute; Robert E. Hamilton, Black Sea Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute; … Written by a former Delta Force commander, this piece is part memoir, part self-help book. Ukraine and the Art of Strategy (Lawrence Freedman). Russia is its own entity in the world – neither European nor Asian, neither modern nor ancient. His successor will have to grapple with these issues against the backdrop of a country attempting to rebuild itself from the horrors of the Islamic State. The Bank of Japan events shown are followed by the publication of the central bank’s outlook report. Online (GMT) 20th November 2020. The theme of Power looks at India’s imagination of soft and hard power, and how it plays a role with its relations vis-a-vis its immediate neighbours. Khan avoids laboured narratives of China’s imperial past or framing Chinese policy as the actions of an aggressive revisionist state as other popular books on the subject sometimes do. We detail the key geopolitical events for the rest of the year in the table below. Simon Schofield – Deputy Editor and Terrorism and CBRN Analyst, Cocktails from Hell: Five Complex Wars Shaping the 21st Century (Col Austin Bay). Central Asia remains a mysterious region to many Western observers, where clan loyalties matter more than national ones, and where despots and technocrats have made entire nations into their fiefdoms. Whether the withdrawal will be turned around with a tweet, or if there is a sizeable shift after a change in President remains to be seen. While many regimes may continue to target seemingly bigger issues throughout 2020, this may leave them under prepared for the driving undercurrents of the Middle Eastern street, and the following is recommended for deeper insight into the nuanced perspectives one should have about the coming changes: Asia has slipped somewhat from global focus in 2019, yet the situation remains as volatile as it did in 2018, as tensions between the United States and China have simmered on and President Trump’s unpredictable foreign policy course has placed economic relations in the region on a knife edge. Turkey – Kurdish Regional Government Relations After the U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq: Putting the Kurds on the Map? Both books show young Western actors on a fracturing stage, and provide a warning to history against the failure to consider that the hardest part of any campaign begins after you have won. Its narrative begins in 1881 with arguably the very first suicide bombing on the streets of St Petersburg, and ends elliptically in the bloody aftermath of the all-too-familiar strikes by Islamic State. The following books are highly recommended for deepening your understanding of Islam and its interaction with the geopolitics of the West: In many ways connected to the issue of immigration and globalisation, the region has continued to experience significant challenges surrounding the United Kingdom’s decision to depart from the European Union. While the UAE has long been exploring Israeli arms purchases, and the two states have cautiously seen each other as potential security partners against a resurgent Iran since at least 2009, we are now witnessing increasing levels of diplomatic openness between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv. Understanding the extent and influence of Islamism across the region will be important for understanding the geopolitics of Southeast Asia in 2020: In South Asia, due to Pakistan and India’s prevailing friction, and the ever-rising Chinese superpower across India’s Himalayan frontier, India this year began putting more resources into the the BIMSTEC (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand , Nepal and Bhutan) organisation, of which Pakistan is not a member. This information should not be relied upon as a primary basis for an investment decision. Events for November 2020. iShares insights help deliver thought leadership and fund insights for your portfolio decisions. Instead she spends a decade as an outspoken adviser and expert, attempting to bring much needed stability to the country and outside perspective to a spiralling situation. Anthony Clay – U.S. Government and Military Affairs Analyst, Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead (James Mattis). These examples are powder kegs which could not only escalate at any moment, plunging the immediate area further into conflict, but could set off chain reactions that embroil the world in war. Contributor. China-Taiwan relations remain tense, and many have questioned whether U.S. President Trump may seek to use the “Taiwan issue” as a dangerous button in his competition with China.

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